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DevAppCo delivers intelligent solutions for strategic business processes.

Transforming your application development efforts into a strategic business advantage.Together we will:
  • Reduce time to market with Rapid Application Development
  • Increase development productivity;reduce redundancy
  • Facilitate emerging technologies and platforms to enhance business capability
  • Decrease capital expenditures


DevAppCo has over 20 years of professional software development experience,encompassing a diverse and multifunctional background. Our previous fields of involvement include: finance, payroll, project management, medical administration, sales and Customer Relationship Management Our objective is to provide the most innovative technical tools to enhance your business solutions.

The process of software development can seem daunting to the inexperienced. Depending on who you partner with, it can be an intricate, meticulous, strenuous and expensive process.By trusting DevAppCo, we guarantee a personalized, unwavering, expert team, yielding a successful product.We provide an experienced unit, partnering with you, while concentrating on your aspirations. We will work, first hand with you through the full developmental metamorphosis of your product.

We have successfully manufactured hundreds of custom application development projects. Regardless the magnitude, we consistently deliver exceptional quality applications, utilizing the superior industry coding standards, architecture and design practices. We aspire for long term partnerships with our clients.

At DevAppCo, we are proficient in a wide variety of platforms and development tools. So if you need big names like: Microsoft DotNet, Oracle, JAVA, SAS, then we are here to support your tasks and projects. However, if you prefer open source solutions like MySQL, PHP and the like, then we have your back as well. Either way, we have the expertise and experience to meet your needs and expectations.


Do you have an idea in mind for an app that would suit your company or become a new business opportunity? Then we encourage you to let our professional mobile app development team know! DevAppCo will work with you, helping you to create the project specifications required to make your idea a reality. We are devoted to ensuring that our clients achieve success.


Bots simply automate and speedup internet tasks. Common examples are are:
  • collecting web content, such as product information
  • entering data for posting ads, jobs or services

DevAppCo specializes in creating bots. Our clients rely on us to automate these critical tasks, creating that competitive advantage.


Talk to us – We can & will automate it!


We adhere to simple design principals:


  • Focus on the user experience
  • Delight the use
  • Provide simplicity, clarity & familiarity
  • Ensure digestibility
  • Utilize common design patterns
  • Any Device, anywhere

Come experience the DevAppCo difference!




DevAppCo has extensive hands-on experience in building and deploying cutting-edge mobile apps. We work on all major mobile platforms:

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Windows

We aid businesses utilizing technological advancements to integrate mobile technology, streamlining the work flow processes.

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Real-estate Investment App

A web scraping application that compiles data from the three major real-estate company websites, to identify optimal investment properties for both rental investment and flipping. The client provided an algorithm which focused on a weight and score basis upon which a variety of factors were cross-examined. The results were returned in a simple interface and allowed investors to view the listing in either Zillow, Realtor or Trulia.


Testimonial 1

Over the last 2 years, DevAppCo has provided us with a great team of programmers.We depend on our programmers to code the updates requested by our clients. This has kept our clients happy and us in business.

Jan and Avery
On call Trucking

It has been a pleasure working withDevAppCo.The project lead has been very helpful in walking us through the development process. Our clients are thrilled with the new app, especially being able to rebrand the look and feel.

Robert S.

I started building our payroll software 3 years ago using another consulting company. The cost went through the roof and the progress seemed slow too non-existent. Once we converted to DevAppCo, I saw immediate results.They were very responsive to my requests and found solutions to meet my needs. The simple report writer allows my clients to create reports on the fly and save the report for later use.I highly recommend DevAppCo.



Web Scraping – Mining the Web!

Web Scraping: is the automated collection of data from one or more websites.

The data is usually stored in a database for later use.

So why would you want to do this?

Simply, data or information is valuable to a business. A web scraping bot can efficiently search the web saving the results in a database, providing updated information to meet your needs. There are many examples of using web scraping, let’s look at a couple of them.


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