DevAppCo’s experience team can lead you every step through the process. We utilize RAD (Rapid Application Development) providing the client incremental deliverables, allowing the client review and test ideas and concepts as the development progresses.

Our recommended process is:

  • 1

    1Establish the Environment

    • Cloud / hosted environment (OS, database, programming language(s))
    • Devices to be supported (web, Android, iOS) Phone and tablets
  • 2


    • Define the scope of the project
    • Detailed outline of the requirements
    • Document data requirements and DB structures as requires
  • 3


    • Identify GUI and design guidelines
    • Initial Design
    • Develop sample look and feel
    • Review with client
    • Modify and refine
  • 4

    4Development / Programming

    • Develop APIs and web services as required
    • Program dynamic data and interfaces
    • Integrate application security
  • 5

    5Quality Control & Testing

    Quality Control is essential to ensure your project’s success.

  • 6


    How and from where will the end user find and install the app?

Always remember to have a maintenance plan with scheduled upgrades to keep your site and service competitive and up to date. We are here to assist you in growing your business!

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